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Originally posted by BattleDog
Red, look if you don't want the group to have guides then they won't. Just don't be surprised when nothing makes sense and they find themselves questioning their sanity. Just to be a little clearer, we're not talking about force of arms.
Whether or not I want the group to have guides isn't an issue (for the record I have absolutely zero preference one way or another. how could I have one? XD) But I balk at the idea of forcing the group to act out-of-character.

Maybe Admiral and I are too used to intensively arguing this stuff out over IM (which we've done for all PtH plots since, oh, about chapter 2 IIRC.) My operational system of thought here is:

A) Plot creator wants something to happen that requires characters to do or not do something.

B) Judging by the way the plot is planned to go, characters probably won't go along with it, spoiling things.

C) We then try and reconcile points A and B.

Re: Sanity - Hmmm, well, keep in mind you can't really control whether or not the group goes crazy or not.

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