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Thankyou for articulating all that Admiral, Red seems to be a bit ham fisted with the keyboard at the moment.

First off let me say that of course your characters are your own and you have every right to argue. I know how frustrating it is to be hijacked. The problem here is everyone is trying not to spoil their surprises. I know there's one I can keep under wraps.

Since I've already said I'm basing the underworld a bit off Homer I'll tell you a little more about it. For starters in order to enter you have to cross the river, name pending, and pay the ferryman. If you want to go back you have to pay him double when you cross, plus a couple of other things. You also have a time limit, or you die

Now here's the thing, everything in the underworld will be geared to turning the group away from the quest. Remember the underworld is full of shades. For example, there will be millions of souls stuck on the wrong side of the river because they are unburied due to their planets being blown up. So there will be plenty of silent finger pointing at the Aesir. Another example, members of the group's families will be there, although people like Deac and Odin wouldn't be in the Shades, so you won't see any Cantina characters, the likes of Cracken would be in Hell at this point.

The point is there is going to be a lot to distract the group, plus the fact that they will be going into the land of the dead and that has to give anyone the heebi-jeebies.

So I would say the attribute tested here would be resolve, or faith. Both of those would have to be very important to the quest and whatever you have at the end, I expect. Another thing they might need would be humility, accepting help when you need it isn't a sign of weakness, you can take that or leave it though.


As far as getting help, how are the Agamari any different from the Aesir? In real terms no one trusted the Aesir except the Aesir, nobody is going to trust the Agamari except Hal and his family. I really see no difference, except theat the group aren't traveling in Hal's ship.


About the bloody war, well they don't have to take part but they're still going to be slap bang in the middle of it.

About the locals, you aint seen nothing yet mate, lets just say Hal is going to need that super powered sword.

Q: Are the Agamari the "Good Guys"?

A: Errrr......ummmm........No, they're a bunch of ruthless barbarians.

I actually debated with myself the idea of the Aesir being declared "Unworthy" (I'm going to translate that into Saxon later) whcih would mean that the Agamari would do their level best to kill all male Aesir. No prisoners.

As far as the Tarsai-Agamari War there are no "good guys" the Agamari are the aggressors but the Tarsai burn women with their husbands, eat each other's babies, practice blood sports such as gladiatorial combat and worship the god heads of death, destruction and war.

So chew on that, and give me your thoughts.

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