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Right, I get the "hard as possible thing." I wasn't envisaging an easy route, if any part of it is less than a nightmare it will be pure luck.

I still say that there is no difference between the Agamari and the Aesir, if the group managed to miss Tol Dura, well you'll see when they get there.

About the son/daughter thing, way ahead of you. Did you think I was slacking.

Underworld: I have no problem with that, think of the underworld as compartmentalised. Remember I said they would only be going to a certain section. The "lost souls" are actually a Roman concept, did you know that the Romans ALWAYS burried some part of the body even if it was just a strip of flesh from the thigh.

Unworthy: As I said I toyed with the idea, then dropped it, about four months ago, at least. I also toyed with the idea that Vidar would be dragged off in chains and asked to answer for his crimes.

Oh, byt the by, I have a Drake counter lined up, two actually.

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