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It's just an fantasy adventure. I don't have some overall theme in mind and rarely do, I just am in love with adventures. I've been writing stories since TPM was released. None, save for a Star Wars one, really get anywhere though. I really have no interest in them enough to continue them.

This one though had enough potential for more than just a simple assigment. Plus, as mentioned, I used two other stories I came up with back when I was a kid and modified it to fit with these. The first two are kinda anticlimatic, that's why I thought I'd start with this one which is gonna have a happy ending.

You know the saying write what you know? Well, I'm gonna give that a try so the characters becime as real as possible. Elymir is based off me. The goody twoshoes who tries to follow the rules and doesn't give into peer pressure. Ariana is basically a bunch of my friends rolled into one. Canderous is Boba Fett mixed with Darth Vader. A cold, rutheless killer for hire in kick ass armor shrouded in mystery. His origin is gonna be revealed and it's much like how Anakin turned evil I guess. I don't wanna give too much more away but he's gonna be cool.

Oh, and as for Canderous's name. I've seen it outside of KotOR and figured since it's not copywrighted or anything, it's too cool to pass up The other names, save for Elymir's and Ariana's, come from various name generators.

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