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Originally Posted by stoffe -mkb-
Looks good. I have a few small suggestions though:

It would be even more useful if the tables said exactly how many skillpoints the classes got at levelup (before INT modifiers) rather than just Slow, Average, Fast etc...

The same thing for feat and force power progression, something a little more exact than the vague Slow/Average/Fast would be more useful.

A quicklink to the class-specific feats on the jedi_feats page for each class would be useful as well....
Will do

I think I might have enough room in the cells to put specifics, but just in case, the Skills and Feats chart headers are now links pointing to the appropriate pages within the site. On those pages it should have the prerequisites & description for each feat (divided by Jedi/Sith Class).

I'll also put a skill progression chart on the Skills page as well (still on the "to do" list)... Plus there's the "Complete Comparison Chart" link in each Progression Charts that should list alot of vitals per class. (lower left of each chart)...

Thanks for the input stoffe!

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