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So obviously you can judge a book by it's cover.

You know, those Artimus Fowl books actually seem to appeal to me, I may buy one at some point to see if it's any good (in any sense, your synopsis seem to show that it's decent enough... humour?)

I also read the latest Harry Potter and whilst being left with a slight uneasiness at the end, I've since come around and now also can't wait for the last book. If you haven't read the first five, there's very little I can tell you, if you have, there's very little you'll want to know (because you'll probably have already read this or don't want it being spoiled).

Recently, I just re-read "Going Postal" by Terry Pratchett, partly because I had nothing else to read, partly because I didn't like it as much as I thought I would on first read and wanted to read it again to see if my opinion could change (one very good reason for re-reading books, you get a new perspecive on them, it's happened to me before and as it turns out, has happened again).

For a short synopsis, the story is basically about a young man called Moist Von Lipwig, a very notorious conman who after many years of successful swindling is finally facing the noose. Right after the last minute, he is given a choice by the ruling tyrant of the Discworlds largest city, he is to be put in charge of the City's ailing postal service, or face the noose...again. It's a tough decision and frankly, he doesn't even make it, but by and large, he is thrust into the decays of the Ankh-Morpork Post Office where he must not only get the post moving, but bring it back from the dead. Maybe it'll take a conman to succeed where honest men have failed.

All in all, a decent enough book, certainly up to Pratchett's usual quality and whilst it does have the feel of one of his previous books (The Truth) there's a uniquness that can't be matched.

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