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Originally Posted by ChAiNz.2da
Updated Pages... and if I see another chart in my lifespan, it'll be too soon


Sorry to make you look again, but there appears to be a mistake with the non-numerical description of the force power progression of some of the classes.

Consular, Jedi Master, Sith Lord, Sith Assassin and Jedi Watchman are all listed as having fast power progression, which would indicate they get the same number of force powers on levelup, which can't be correct.

As far as I can see by checking the game data, their progression is:
Assassin/Watchman: 1 power/levelup, same as the rest of the unlisted classes.
JediMaster/SithLord: 1 power/levelup + 1 power every 4th level.
Consular: 1 power/levelup + 1 power every 3rd level.
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