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Lets see...
I recently finished reading Terry Pratchett's Thief of Time. Whilst it wasn't as good as some of the others (it undermined the character of Death) it did help me understand Nightwatch, a book which I enjoyed but didn't really understand until I read it again, after having read Thief of Time. 4/5
I also re-read Equal Rites, purely because I can't be bothered to go out an buy a new book. I may go to a charity shop next time and pick up some literature in bulk. Good book, a vehical for the subtle humour of Pratchett and those metaphors of his. 4/5
In the attempt to avoid being a Pratchett fanboy, I also started re-reading the Red Dwarf novel Infinty Welcomes Careful Drivers. Its an astonishing read, with the humour flying left right and centre. Heres a carefully selected extract for the uninitiated.
(Saunders, the narrator in this piece, is a dead hologramatic simulation)

You can't stay married to a dead man. So even though she loved him dearly she would, eventually, have to start looking for someone else.
And..she would sleep with him.
She would go to bed with him. And, hell, she would probably enjoy it.
Even though she still loved Saunders.
She would wouldn't she? She would meet Mr Terrific and have a physical relationship.
Probably in his bed.
His bed! Their marital bed. His bed!
Probably using the three condoms he knew for a fact he had left in the bedside cabinet.
The ones he'd bought for a joke.
The flavoured ones.
His mind ran amok, picturing a line of lovers standing, strawberry-sheathed, outside his wife's bedroom.
'No!' scramed Saunders involuntarily.'Nooo!'
Hologramatic tears of rage and frustration welled up in his eyes and rolled hologramtically down his cheeks. He smashed his fist down onto the table.
The fist passed soundlessly through the grey metal desk top, and crashed with astonishing force into his testicles.

People who call me 'paranoid' are probably in on the plot.
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