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Originally Posted by Mr Flibble
Lets see...
I recently finished reading Terry Pratchett's Thief of Time. Whilst it wasn't as good as some of the others (it undermined the character of Death) it did help me understand Nightwatch, a book which I enjoyed but didn't really understand until I read it again, after having read Thief of Time. 4/5
I also re-read Equal Rites, purely because I can't be bothered to go out an buy a new book. I may go to a charity shop next time and pick up some literature in bulk. Good book, a vehical for the subtle humour of Pratchett and those metaphors of his. 4/5[/i]
It personally took me a second reading of Night Watch (by far my favorite Pratchett book for numerous reasons) to realise what the lightning strike was in referance to. I also, personally loved Thief of Time, if anything because of the whole Time aspect and the characters (Lobsang, Lu Tze, and the progression of Susan), as well as the whole basis for the story. Pratchetts books have always had a cinematic quality to them and that's no more apparent than in this book.

As for Equal Rites, I liked it (I am infact a TP fanboy, but there are some of his books I didn't like...just for the record) although I'm surprised that one of his earlier Discworld book was actually liked so much (as is usually not the case). But it is a fun book to read, if anything.

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