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Originally Posted by elTee
Scabb - you should love Gullivers Travels. Absolutely hilarious, and real biting satire. One of my favourite classics
I should get that, too. My local Borders (I love Borders) has a section full of Penguin Popular classics books where they have all the "classics" (anything decent from the 19th century, basically) for a pound twenty five each. It's kinda weird how a new book set me aside six quid, yet it was about 1/10th of the size of Dracula which cost 1.25. And their version of Alice in Wonderland even has all the illustrations... bargain.

I still love second hand bookshops though, so I was annoyed when my local charity shop closed. I got some really really great finds there, like an awesome version of Kidnapped (I love Stevenson) and Around the World in 80 days. They're both readers digest editions which means that they're awesome. Full page colour illustrations, leather bound, great quality paper and print. All books should be made like that.

I'm reading 80 days at the moment, actually. So far it's pretty cool, and the little bits of English propaganda are great. Makes a change from American propaganda anyway!
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