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Thumbs up Force Commander Rox

FC roxs

it has loads of thing that are better

1. The units are unique to the side that they are on ie: Rebel Hover and Attack tank Imperial AT-ATs and AT-STs
2. Secondary Fire on most units ie: stun,chin gun,ion cannon ect
3. No Resource gathering (this really bugged me on SWGB)
4. More Realisic (Buildings and units come down from the fleet in orbit)
5. Better environments (sarapin,yavin,endor,hoth)
6. Turrets and building can be taken over by troopers.
7. No turret rushes! (this means building lots of turrets, its annoying when people online build turrets everywhere in SWBG.
8. No pathetic crappy waste of money workers.
9. Troopers can dismount Speeder Bikes and Dewbacks
10. Bombing runs. In FC the bombers do proper runs. In SWBG the bombers are easy AA fodder because they stop and shoot green ball!!!.
11. No wasting money on excess buildings
12. No advancing through the tech levels
13. Better Graphics ie: 3D Pan Camera, better unit textures
14. Artilley are better, In SWBG the artillery just shoot white comet!?!? In FC the artillery have to deploy and then shoot more realistic shots.
15. Ariel units better ie: circle, pick off units realisticly In SWBG the ariel units stop and are easy AA Fodder
16. Airspeeders have tow cables to take down AT-ATs
17 Infiltraitors to take over enemy AT-ATs and AT-STs
18 No generic classes ie: Hvy Trooper,Mech Destroyer,Fast Fighter e.c.t
18 Naming individual units ie: stormtroopers
19 Shield Disabler For The Empire
20 The Ewoks aren't overpowered
21 Shields on Rebel Vehicles
22 Hospital and Repair Bay for Empire
23 Medical Droid and Repair Droid for Rebels
24 Realistic Storyline
25 Hard to use cheats (good if you are trying to give up cheating in games like me)
26 Artillery Turret for the Empire
27 Hangar bay where you select units for a mission
28 Cool briefing room (good satellite map, Tech Briefing e.c.t)
29 Excellent Skirmish mode
30 Cooler missions

As You can see I have found 30 reasons for saying that FC is better than SWGB

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