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The whole conspirecy.....

Lucas Arts has reolized that StarWars sells and there is no problem making a StarWars game (just add some light sabers etc.) raghter than actually write a good script for a sequal to a well written game like full throttle. I reolized that things were going downhill for LA when they removed the point and klick from their adventuress! lots of good games from other companys have thaken the old systrm in use... waiting for a new adventure to come and be crushed by starwars is pointless! i think the should have cept starwars in the theaters and focus on games that actually will never be forgoten... games like indy 4, samnmax, full throttle, maniac mansion etc. but ass long as we still buy starwars games we will never get anything else!

I want Hell on Wheels back!!!!
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