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It just seems that the front page may be a bit out of date. The forums is where all the latest news occurs, really.

we have people that create games with macs, plus we have the ability to play the games on linux and macs as well.
CMI was made in 800*600 and looks fantastic, but yes, we had larger res support before, took it out, and it looks like its coming back really soon.
it is not emphasis on easy game creation... trust me, you can make all kinds of really complicated games with this. we have RTS games being made, and we are currently testing its 3d possiblities
just take my word for it, if you want to script it, its either possible, or you ask the creator to add something, and he will, or it will in the future.

yes its closed source, but again, if you need something, just ask CJ and he'll most likely get to it soon. he's always coming out with new betas for us.

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