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Here is WOTC, as of today it's back on the net:

If you go to the classic tales section you'll find some covers I designed for MI1 and MI2:

Classic Tales
Originally Posted by Laserschwert
Just wondering, does anybody of you have a hires scan (and I mean as hires as Tones' scans) from the MI2-Kixx-Box? Still need it to touch up the original Box-scan... and if there's any MI1-cover out there, that has the covered-up section of the MI1-box, scan it!!

Thanks for your time.
I can later upload some high-res scans of the front and back (before they were recoloured for my covers) if requested. They are 100% my scans, and 100% my designs (aside of course from the fact they're scanned LEC designs). Let me know what you think.
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