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Originally Posted by Laserschwert
For those who are interested, the box art in this picture was originally my "design". It was "featured" on my old WOTC homepage. It's not very good, and I know that you can find a cropped and enlarged JPEG version of it at World of MI. The version I published was "version 6", this is the original picture, in all it's glory: (695KB)

It's the original file, in it's original size, without JPEG compression from which you find the uncredited image at World of Monkey Island:

This was the final version, but I don't think it ever made it to my old site... version 7:

The colour where the "system requirements box" would be is flat because I used a black and white source and coloured it to fill-in that area. I don't know exactly what version Laserschwert originally used, but you can see clearly that it was one of mine. Because:

1. the dimensions of mine are unique, and it's the same.
2. the system-requirements-box-region is the same.
3. Elaine's hand and the monkey's knee are grey and non-coloured (the same).
4. The front "native" holding a spear at the left side of the box was also added in from a black and white source and so is significantly darker than the one behind him, and the hues on the left do not match the hues on the right as they do in the original box art.

I don't mind it being uncredited, I just think it's a hopeless box art and it really shouldn't be distributed when there are far better scans, etc. I have some excellent scans now which I've scanned myself.
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