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If I remember correctly I just found the "cleaned" MI1-image through Google image search. I just wish there was a scan of the official "clean" artworks (even without the MI logo)

Of course that cover-design you've quoted from me was just a mock up, never existing in hi-res because of the lack of a hi-res boxart.

By the way, your new cleaned images look very nice... I think I'll use them to make some mini-posters or even some more covers.

EDIT: I think the download link to your MI2-scan (or the file itself) is broken... I've tried several times, but it downloads only a part of it.

EDIT 2: Never mind, it works. By the way, did Steve Purcell paint both of the artworks, or only MI2? Maybe he would be the right person to ask for a clean image...

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