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Thumbs up [TSL] Default saber model, now with decent uvmapping

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Ok as we all know the default saber skin sucks. As most skinners know, the uv map is the reason it sucks. It makes re-skinning the hilt very limiting, and just plain a pain. About 3% of the tga was actually used on the model in the old uvmap, and all of it overlaped somewhere. Recently Chains.2da, gave me an idea of how to solve this problem; re-map it. So i came up with this A brand new complete uv map for the default hilt model. It has each of the 20 layers of the hilt, seperately mapped and seperated for much easier skinning. Included in the zip, the default mdl and mdx(with new mapping), the new tga. file, and a copy of the orignal psd. Use the model files however you want, for anything you want(they're not mine, too cheap looking ) If you just drop the files in Over-ride, you will only change the green saber, and it will have the "map" skin. you can easily change all sabers to use this map, or you can use it to make custom hilts that wont overwrite the defaults. Get the files here

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