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Try this

Originally Posted by Schizo89
doesn't work... it's too slanted...
It works, you just have to be at the right angle, the secondary weapon works better.

I normally capture the 4th CP (the once closest to the shield). Then sweep in and attack them from behind.

While you are playing the level, you might notice most of the imperials are attacking your CPs or are close to them. The more troops attacking you, the less troops they have garding their CPs. Just speed through with a speeder to the 4th CP. Kill the unit in the turret while in the speeder and then take the CP. If an At-At spawns, take it, walk on top of the CP and get out. If you are about to get killed when you are attempting to take the CP jump, in the At-At and fire away. After you kill the newly spawned troops, jump out and attempt to retake the CP. You can also stay behind the speeder for a little cover.

Note: If your AI forces can't hold off the Imperial attacks and it takes too long to capture the 4th CP, when you capture it, it is going to be your last CP.
Note 2: Also, in any level, even if you don't completely capture any CP, you will cause the AI to turn around and attack the player attempting to capture the CP, leaving their backs to the upcoming invading(hopefully) frendly AI troops.
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