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name:alpha V
specialty:Infiltartion, Piloting Skills,
weapons: DC-17 rifle ,dual blaster pistols, EMP Grenande, Fusion Cutter, Thermal Detanator, Jet pack.

I was flying my ARC-170 fighter over the cloning centre when i saw smoke rising from a building. I then something. I dodged and returned fired at them. something launched a missile in my direction. i dodged it but it followed me. it clipped the wing of my fighter and i started spiraling out of control. i crashed onto one of the platforms. The Co-pilot was dead. I got out and withdrew my rifle. I was starting to feel worried. I looked around. No one was in sight. I made my way to the cloning centre explecting the worst...


I know what you're thinking, I know how you're feeling, Believe me. You're not alone.
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