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Well - here goes :
The following is to explain the 2 main problems people will have with my idea...
P1) "Nova's Ex-O WASNT called 'Jon Adamson'"
A) No, your right, but then again, in the X-Wing series, Wraith and Rogues were the focus, and Ive read enough to know that Pole-arm and Nova only had 3 people named between the two, NOT including Nova's EX-O, and I will call my Clan 'Nova Squadron' (as you can see in my signature) when it begins, so it seems kinda fair. Plus - come on - like you would pass up the chance to have a character in the SW:Uni named after !
PS - this will be a 2 part story, and I intend to be killed of in part 2 (But not before putting the 'White Witch' through her paces....!)

P2) "Ions taking out Coral skippers and other Vong craft - yeah - RIGHT!"
A) Err - yeah right. Im gonna go deep and geeky on you for a mo, but trust me, it rarely happens...
What is a Blaster bolt ? - an shaft of hi-energy light with a sighter beam of red or green gas to make it visible. What can blasters also fire? Stun bolts.
Stun bolts are VERY low level blaster shots, or special bolts, and are designed knock out biological organisms. The Vong thrive on biological 'technology', but it is of such a level that a stun bolt aint gonna work. But we have also been told in the stories that blasters are not that effective, and they it can take some to dish them some.
Now, what is an Ion Cannon ?
The ion cannon is an offensive, NON-LETHAL weapon system designed to allow the capture of ships for study, boarding, or for a bloodless escape.
It was design to work against the computer system with in a ship to knock it out in much the same way a stun bolt works on organisms.
It fries the circuitry, rendering system useless, and the ship relatively helpless.
The 'technology' of the Vong use large organisms, that in order to carry out their tasks must have a large brain and neural network.
Electrical impulses are carried along the network, so it is simply a large organic circuit and system. And due to the large amount of energy in the bolt, it should fry quite a bit of the 'circuitry' in a Vong ship, rendering it useless, and because the ships ARE organisms, they would be brain dead, and therefore leaving them for picking off at will, ie - dead !

If you STILL have some problems with this idea - say - thats why I posted it !

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