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as a said, it might do well to create a 2 stage, or 3 stage warhead

As far as i ahve read, once laser fire starts hitting the Coral, shortly thereafter the ship breaks apart

The frist stage of the warhead would be a Primary launch mode, with Visual and gravic sensors. using visul mode to see the target, and then as it tdetects a mini-worm hole, detonates the 2nd stage

The Second stage is a Mirv sytle mutli warhead that runs a Tangent parbolic course away from the wormhole, and towards the enemy vong craft. this could be done with hardend auto systems.

The warhead then hits the craft, and a EMP style warhead burrows thru the coral with a shaped charge, the EMP goes off (similar to the ion pulse) and wrecks havock with sship systems
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