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Firstly - I noticed your comment about how some SW ships shut down if they are hit by Ion fire.
What if the Vong had a similar system. If they 'shut down', the Dovin Basal (aka DB) should, in theory 'shut down' too..... Or may be they rate their bio-technology so much, they they have programmed/trained the ships to blow up if they detect 'capture'/non-lethal fire incase of potential capture....
We could again vcapatalise on that - if they shutdown, then they would be EXTREMLY vulerable to blaster fire - sittnig ducks ! In which case, Ions still give us an adavantage.

Plus, I may be we could get around the mention of ions in Heros of Chaos 1 by simple dismissing it as a very hectic and extreme battle, and so may be no-one was really in the position to look and see that this was happening. And before you cry - 'cheap', its not exactly impossible - if you were fighting in that battle, would you notice. And as for the mention of B-Wings, chances were that in order to do enough damage with each hit, their weapons were on Full Link - Ions and blasters - and who would notice which weapon was doing the damage under the circumstances ?
So, this would allow the original story line idea to occur..

PS - As I said, if I do go through with this, it'll probably be a two parter (To follow the trend if nought else), and in the end, we can have it so that the Vong get around it, and so the odds are even again (well, back to what they were...)

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