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I got it.
Other than its trio blasters and ions, what else has made the B-Wing a good anti-capitol ship ?
Above 'Bomber level' speed, manoveurability, and a greater war head payload...
Your idea of a new warhead had me thinking for a while, and during a physics lesson, the teacher was talking about sound, and frequency, resonance etc - and told a story of how you can destroy even rock with a sonic pulse....
May be we could use a sonic burst warhead which would explode, giving of a huge sound wave, or a 'thumper' - attaches to the ships, and thumps at it in order to produce the yorrik corals natural frequency, which would cause the ships to begin to break apart, and FAST, alot faster than from blaster fire.
But we cant rely on warheads casue of limited supply problems, so may be we could fit out some fighters with sonic pulse blasters ?
And the two problems I see people having with this are :
1) Sound doesnt travel in space.
Yeah, but how many sci-fi battles have you seen that take place in all out silence ?
2) So, that still doesnt make the B-Wing the best choice.
No, because being able to carry 12/14 sonic pulse warheads, 6 sonic pulse blasters AND be able to mix it up with the Vong and survive is not really a great asset to the fleet.
And this then means we can bring a K-Wing unit in to it - for helping the Novs when the BIG ships arrive.
And this then gives a way for me to die...
In part two of the story, the Sonic equipped fleet could find a MAJOR strong hold - a big yorrik coral farming planet, and they could caryr out an assault, only to find it was a trap, and have difficulty. And just to add to it - a Worldship appears ! Novas are among the few flight groups and capitols who manage to get free to take on the worldship, and when it finnally goes (with help of a modified, yet fatally crippled Lancer firing its Sonics to the end, when it crashes into the worldship) and explodes, and Im caught by a big chunk of coral whilst Im fleeing the blast.

Well - even if you don't accept the idea, you've got to adimt - I have a certain amount of flair for this Sci-Fi writing / idea colating !.

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