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But the starfighters' effots came too late.
A hellish explosion pushed outward form a rift in the hull of the Mon Calamari vessel, splitting it in half. Escape pods launched, vectoring toward Ord Mantell like drops of radioactive rain, while the battlecruiser became a ballooning sphere of roiling incandescence, then exploded brilliantly.
The Star Destroyer emerged from between Ord Mantell's moons with main and auxiliary thrust nozzles flaring. Throwing itself headlong into the fray, it fired repeatedly as its pointed bow swung in the direction of the warship. Thread-fine against its enormous bulk, blue lines of energy from aft turbolasers and ion cannons stabbed unrelentingly at the black ship.
The Erinnic braced for return fire, but the plasma and projectiles rever arrived.
Abruptly the warship changed course, accellerated, and began to unleash its fury on Ord Mantell, cutting loose with all forward guns. Blinding missiles streaked toward the planet's surface, burning seething tunnels through the atmosphere. Detonations on the ground lighted the undersides of ragged clouds.
From Hero's Trial. The ions didn't seem to work...
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