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Speaking of the Yuuzhan Vong, they're the single longest-running enemies that the New Republic faces. The Empire had many different admirals and the like, and wasn't one enemy.

But don't you think the Vong are a bit TOO powerful? Even though after Dark Tide they become a bit weaker, they're still too powerful for words. Not even a fully complete DSII would be THAT powerful. (BTW, a fully complete DSII would be invincible from attack "in theory", it was because most of the superstructure was incomplete that they could fly into the core area).

"And it came to pass that the Wrath of Oingo Boingo fell upon the land. And Oingo Boingo cried out and said, "Behold, I have a wrath and I have fallen out upon your land." And the villagers of the land were frightened and proclaimed to Oingo Boing, "Behold, we are frightened, because you have a wrath and have fell upon our land." And Oingo Boingo answered to them, "Its because of you being frightened because of my wrath and falling out upon your land, that I shall destroy you." And Oingo Boingo did so. And it was NOT good, for all those who did see the great Oingo Boingo fell to his wrath."
-Tyais 3:16

Why is it that whenever someone says SOL I am always in trouble... whether it be Standards of Learning or (the other version). I'm always screwed.

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