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Ok, I haven't read the book and probably won't ...
There has been a lot of fuss about the fact that Chewie dies. I cannot quite understand why !
He was never believed as a main character and there is always a possibility to "ressurect", be "cloned" or anything else like that (a narrow escape maybe?) a writter can come up to !

We have to admit that the SW universe has not many examples of "Rebel casualties" and this is a war, after all !

There is a strong rumor that in ROTJ, Lando was not supposed to escape the DSII blast and thus dying heroically for the "cause".
I do remember the dialogue between Leia and Han in the Tyderium:

Leia: "What's wrong?"
Han: "I have this strange feeling that I won't see her (the Millenium Falcon) again "

That would have given an interesting twist in the plot, but GL wanted to give a trully "Happy Ending" to his trilogy

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