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Actually in the test screening Lando DID die. but the audiance did not like it, and he decided to have him live. you can see Lando is kinda out of it during the final "victory" sceen.

The main problem i have iwth chewie dying is htat it was a real pointless death. Here is a VERY strong aborial who couldn't jump up onto the ramp of the falcon. All to save a little girl he didn't know. I thought his life debt to han was much stronger then that.

Rumor has it in the next series of NJO books after Jedi Eclipse another "main" character is going to die. By Main character that means the big 4.. er 3 (luke, liea, and han) One of the solo kids, or the droids (3po, and r2)

I agree that the Vong are too powerful. the latest book with the Flame beasts, with anti-blaster arosols is gettign out of hand, it is getting more and more unbeliveable how powerful the vong are.

Be nice to have more stories of the Vong liek they did in Hero's trail. The vong need more of a personality then what has been given so far. they need depth.

Everyonce and a while you coudl root for the bad side in SW, now you really dont want to, and that maks a poor antagonist from a writers point of veiw
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