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yes, but what made Empire so great compared (opening another can of worms here) to the other movies was the ending. It made those of us old enough to see in theatres sick. If you're like me, and saw it as a kid, it was probably the first movie where good didn't win in the end (yes they survived, but they didn't win).

NJO is building off the sick feeling at the end...each one has to end with you feeling sicker and sicker. It has to push you beyond what you felt before.

Are the superweapons ridiculous of the Vong? yes. but then again, they dealt with their "Death Star" just as The Alliance dealt with theirs. However the Vong weapons are no different then the Sun Crushers, super intelligence of Thrawn, Dark Sabres, World Devestators etc.

At least these authors are paying back our friends/heroes of the star wars universe.

I'd ask you to read the final chapter of Vector Prime with what Han said after Chewie's death. That's the tone for the rest of the NJO. They'd gotten lucky for so long they thought they were invincible. They weren't

I'll leave with my prediction on who will die next. Mara. It'll devestate Luke causing him to withdraw the Jedi further and further. Watch that blow up a conflict internally.

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