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I have to say that the new series is some of the best writing Ive ever read in the Sci-Fi catagory, because of the very reasons you guys hate it !
They have taken a well established franchise - Star Wars, and modernised it for a new generation, who are not into the old 'Good eventually win in the end'. We want darker stuff, and the death of Chewie is meerly an extreme bit of it, which I found unexpected, but which worked REALLY well.
As for the death of another character, it wont have quite the same fresh ring to it now thta Chewie is down, but never the less, as long as it is done as well as Chewies, and that the subsequent writing is good - whos up first !
But dont get me wrong, it is a loss, and Chewie will be missed, if not least for the comedy that was between he and Han, which was a welcome relief in the more in/tense moments.
Good arent always gonna have a good time of it. The deaths at Yavin and Endor - that were NOT easy wins. The losses suffered by the Rogues and Wraiths - it happens. But they had too easier a time. Now we have a REAL evil - not power mad, not with some inferioirty complex. This is a balls-out Holy War, and its is the perfect situation to bring in the new Jedi.
I like the new stuff, but Im pretty sure that we will wiin in the end, its just gonna take a little longer than usual !
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