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So if i say i am a Star Wars writer, but create one of the best Star Trek novels ever made, i still a star wars writer?

well maybe that dont makle good sense...

Most of GL idea for star wars came from Mythology, "Hidden Fortress" and some bits of Religion. Yet it was created as a Spae Opera. The "Fanesty" part should be descibed a Sword and sorcery.

Look at the first 3 novels of NJO: Vector Prime, Onslaught 1+2. Both of these revolved around Battleing Vong warriors Jedi vs Vong, even ended with a Big saber/staff battle. and yet the polotics, and Character Quests were discared.

Then comes "agent's of chaos. both books are VERY well done, both sides are trying to outguess eachotehr, and single ppl are trying to make a differance, yet not doing much in the big sceme of things, and who wrote the first three? Fantesy writers, which mainly tell stories from first or 2nd point of veiw. look at the writer for "agents" He complete CO-wrote the ENTIRE Robotech novels. Very strong back ground in Space Opera, and his books are on a par with T. Zahn (IMHO)

yes Star wars has it's base in Fantesy, but it is NOT fantesy, it's space opera. what is space opera?

Look at the novels written by E.E. "Doc" smith, one of the best Space Opera Writers to grace this earth. Namely the Lensman series, and Skylark series
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