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Chewie's death- the single most contreversial event in star wars history. I have to say I agree with it, though I don't like it. But it helped along the series, and I believe sacrifices for the good of the saga are in the best. When I first read about the death I was in school. For the rest of the day I walked around in a daze, with two words ringing in my head "Chewie's dead". Nothing Star Wars seems the same now, like rereading the older novels which talk about Chewie, and the empty feeling that always comes when I remember his death. It was about three months that I couldn't even bring myself to look at Vector Prime. When I finally read it again, I skipped over the part where Chewie died. It took me about a week to bring myself to even read that part again, and I assure you, the closure is incredible. I faced the fact and moved on. Star Wars just isn't the same until you do that.

"The data however, showed that greater concentrations of Lanthinide increased E-C coupling which is completely contradictory to know effects of Lanthinide as an inhibitor of cytoplasmic streaming."
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