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I just had a look back, and I think that the correct thing to pick up on here is the classifcation of Star Wars.
It is one of theose futuristic ideas that actually goes beyond Sci-Fi.
As K_K said - its a 'Space Opera'. It is written like a tragedy. And look at all the operas and tragedies - good guys lose is some MAJOR ways. This would count as major. The writers, and Lucas by implication and authorisation, are re-establishing themselves in for new genration, whilst still keeping what makes the whole Star Wars storyline so great - that its more than sword and spocery and fighter scenes. Morals, family, character dvelopment, tension - Space Operatics, yet darker. This is a GREAT re-invention of the series, from a point of view of the writing being produced, and in tetrms of the business' future !

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