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Some more info that was missed:

Concussions gernades stick to the repair/health/ammo bots, vehicles and turrets. One gernade stuck to the bots or turret will distroy it.

The Rebel Vanguard shoots 2-3 rockets at a time. It shoots them out in a spread meaning they don't fly straight. It has a longer reload time then the other rocket launcher units.

The Imperial Pilot's Mortar Launcher, when full charged then launched, does not explode on impact, but after a short delay like the Wookie's. The Mortar Launcher also arcs when shot (its a mortar launcher after all).

The Clone Pilot's Bolt Caster bolt jumps through and to multiple nearby enemy units causing damage to all. Because of this, you don't have to aim directly at your enemy, if you shoot close enough, it will find its target.

The CIS Pilot's Radiation Launcher has the same properties as the Imperial Pilot's but with less splash damage.

All Recon Droids can also explode on command (not the aerial strike) causing damage to near by units.

The TIE Fighter's blasters are stronger than its X-Wing counterpart.

The CIS Spider Walker's laser is extremely good at destroying the LAAT/i.

The CIS Droid Starfighter has stronger blasters than its Jedi Starfighter counterpart.

You can run people over in all vehicles. Its easiest in the Speeder Bike type of vehicle.

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