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A response to Xtermanator's post

Well I though this would be a nice place to have all this info.
I have been a Rebel Vanguard and shot three missiles a few times. I'm not sure why/how, but I've done it. I thought it normally happens (I don't play him often) but it could have been a glitch.
I am showing that the fighter's weapons are even. One side has stronger blasters, the other has some sort of missiles. You can tell because it takes longer to destroy things with the X-Wing's blaster than the TIE Fighter's.
Shoot off the Blot Blaster fully charged into a crowd of enemy units. You do not need auto-aim on for the bolt to jump targets. Its electricty, it just does.

Great overview Xtermanator .

(I may not agree with thoughts posted under this name)
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