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And you thought Episode 1 was foul...

Now, I realise that the sabers are gonna come out over this one, but sorry...
I have tried, and believe me, there are sequences in Ep 1 I like, and some that could have been exceptional if it weren't for that annoying little bastard they had playing Annakin.
But it stunk badly, compared to the originals or not - it was not great.

Having recently seen the FULL trailer to Ep 2, I would like to say something I never thought I would here myself say.
After a three year wait, expecting a film with the most important piece of storyline yet, I have come to the decision that I may not even bother RENTING it when it's released !

It looks SOOO bad. And as for continuity - the Firespray class patrol vessel did NOT exist back then. Victory class Stardestroyers did, but not Firespray vessels.

I have a bad feeling about this...

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