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i walked off into an empty hallway,thinking about what happened and how the trandos got here,unnoticing that this was a very dark hallway full of blood and clone corpses.every now and then i could have sworn i saw a trandoshan,although nothing was there.all of a sudden when i walked through a door,there stood a least thats what i thought.the trandoshan disappeared-literrally.i kept walking down that hallway,the trandoshan seemed to be everywhere.either they invented an armband that could teleport them,or i was losing my i reached the end of the hallway i saw the trandoshan crouching near a wall,on his back and only a pistol pointed at me."you will die.." it hissed,or so i had thought.actualy it-or he- said "finally!a rescue team!" i was honostly losing my injured clone was against the wall.i only saw a trandoshan.i raised my rifle and was about to pull the trigger."what the-?!?!snap out of it!" the clone yelled at me.i heard that.i grabbed my helmat,a bit dazed."what the hell...." i said.i thought the clone was injured,he wasnt.just tired and wanted to leave with his life.i was injured beyond beleif.i thought another clone was a trandoshan!"well now that your back to normal we better get out of here fast.follow me" was the only thing the clone said.i followed him out of the odd hallway,only to be greeted by trandoshans.we watched them from behind a corner."are they trandoshans or clones?" i said,remembering what this place had done to my mind."trandos." he responded.i grabbed a few thermals,crouched,and tossed them along the floor.the trandoshans looked down at the thermals,a bit confused.then the hallway was scorched.we walked past the trandos corpses and got out to another dropship landing pad.some of the floor was broken off,and the dropship was gone.the only thing that was there was a bit of rubble and a clone corpse,the wall behind him sprayed with blood."well at least me,the survivors,and trandos arent the only ones here." i said to myself.a trandoshan couldnt pilot a clone dropship.i was looking around for more trandoshans.then all of a sudden some type of warning hit me.i dont know what it was but i instantly dodged a sniper shot."wha...." i said,stunned due to the sudden reflex.i dodged another....fourty shots i beleive.i withdrew both pistols and shot at the roofs.a tandoshan corpse fell from one and a battledroid-headless,i might add-from the other."this isnt good.trandos and droids.perfect.easier kills." i said.i walked off looking for whoever else came here...

the covenant is invading!
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