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I bought Three Musketeers not so long ago, inspired by my sister getting the old Dogtanian series on DVD. It took me a while to read through it all, but it was a good read, if a tad disillusioning in places, but I guess it wasn't really written for the same age group. 4/5
(The Dogtanian series, by the way, was entertaining, but made quite a few 'adjustments' to the story, and completely lost the plot in the middle for a while)

I'm also a big fan of Discworld, and have read all the books. Some of Terry Pratchett's other stuff is quite good too. I liked the Bromeliad Trilogy, and Strata was 'different but good', while I thought Dark Side of the Sun (cool title) was just 'different'. Maybe I'll get round to trying it again sometime.

Discworld-wise, I'd say my favourite either has to be Small Gods or Interesting Times.
Recently, Terry seems to be taking the series in a slightly different direction, focussing less on the old sets of characters and writing about completely new ones. I really liked Monstrous Regiment and Going Postal, and will be interested to see how things go from here.

Just checked Amazon, seems a new one is on the way: "THUD!" - interesting title. I have to say, though, I'm slightly nonplussed to hear it's another Vimes book. I do like the Watch books, but I feel Vimes is getting more than his fair share of book time.

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