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meanwhile on the planet below.......

Kenny ducked behind a tree log. He had sworn the had seen a imeperial scope pointing at him....but if he had he was sure he would have been dead by now. He crouched. He could just about see under the log. The scope was moving. He looked down his own scope. He knew what he had to do. It wouldn't kill him but ruin all chances of killing someone and possibly blind him. Kenny took the shot. The scope on the imperials sniper shattered. He cursed. Then he made a big mistake, He stood up. Kenny shot again and hit him in the chest. The scout fell. Kenny's comm link buzzed and an explosion ripped the still air. An AT-ST?
Over the intercom: "Return the the base now!"
Kenny stood. It was a bad idea. The AT-ST shot in his direction. he hit the deck and then ran. He saw his friend Ryan ahead. He caught up with him and they ran flat out until they were safe. They jumped into a trench near the base.
"Base this is scout-89 they saw us, they're coming!"
An AT-ST crashed through the undergrowth. It came out of the forrest. It looked beat up. It stood there for a moment....then it exploded. Kenny looked at ryan. Then looked behind them and in a tower was a rocket trooper. clutching a rocket launcher. He looked stunned. "I didn't get a chance to fire" he yelled
Kenny raised his eyebrow. More crashing. The imperials were getting closer. The other soldiers manned guns and mortar launchers. Kenny grabbed Ryan and they jumped out of the trench. The position of the base was in between a sought of valley. There was hills on both sides. On top of the hills were more soliders. with snipers, roket launchers and machine guns. Kenny ran up the hill. as the jumped to the ground and Ryan hit the floor next to him and Fyling Imperical carrier come into view from behind the trees in circled and landed heavily on the grass. the ramp dropped. and hundreds of imperial soliders jumped out and all hell broke loose....


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