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Jax kept his finger on the trigger. he had to constantly blast debrey, metal wires out of the way. They could run out of space real quick. Jax dodged a beam, He blasted at some wires and they sparked and expoloded. He dived throught the fire.
"Jax this is crazy! what do you expect to do? this isn't like the death star this has no core!"
"Just follow me!"
Jax knew they were going to be in trouble soon. The hull of the star destroyers wasn't a walk in the park. well it was a walk in the park....if it was a park full of the possibility of running out of space and crashing into a wall. Jax Fired a torpedo. The torpedo exploded. He could see the end. He fired. He closed his eyes. The force of the explosion threw him through space.
"I AM NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN!" Don yelled as the star destroyer exploded.
"i have no idea how we just did's....impossible" don muttered
Jax and don flew back to regroup with blue group....


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