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Droideka bugged or weakened?

I play the Deka very often but i just realised now that its not working correctly...who ever played deka in First Person will agree with me that the deka definitly only uses half of his Firepower....He has 4 Guns, 2 on each side but only fires with 1 is the deka bugged and thats fixed with a patch already or has LA weakened em so they just use half of their FIrepower ? I hope this will be fixed in BF2 im personally annoyed cause that deka is not a Destroyer Droid its a joke....Overheats faster than anything else in the game, if it had its full firepower with all 4 Guns i wont mind the overheat that comes that fast..but how can it overheat so quickly with just its half Firepower.. I hope im not the only Deka player whos annoyed about this fact.

sorry i dont have Webspace otherwise i had attached a screenshot where u can see immediatly what i mean, so if u havent noticed that already just start Instant Action take the Droideka go to first person and fire...then u will see what i mean.

I would be happy if someone could answer my above mentioned questions

many thx in advance
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