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"this is....un-believeable"
The rebel cruisers released fighters and at the same time so did the star destroyers. This massive battle was about to heat up.
"All groups this is Blue Leader, im pretty sure this is a trap, something dosn't feel right, the emperors servant hadn't done anything and some star destroyers have exploded without being hit. I think they all might be filled with-"
The emperors servant exploded
"what the-"
and the real emperors servant took it's place. It was even bigger than the false one. It's glaring lights fixed on Jax and he felt a pounding in his head. He then knew this was the end.
"Don take control of blue group"
"you heard me, i have to board that ship"
Jax spead off leaving a dazes Don behind
"right blue group follow me" Don said dazidly
Jax was allowed to get close to the star destroyer, some how they knew it was him two Tie fighters escorted him to the hanger bay. Jax was sure he was also surrounded by Tie Phantoms. Jax docked with the ship. He got out and was immediatly grabbed by storm troopers. His lightsaber was taken and so was his pistol then he was lead to the commander.
"Ah Polara i thougt i'd be seeing you"
"Did you or did your master tell you"
The commander went pale
"My master has awated your arrival he will see you shortly, throw him in a holding cell" he added to the guards who nodded. Jax was thrown roughly into the cell and waited for a visit from an old friend.


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