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The next Jedi game

A kid at the age of 8 (his name you decide)found by the jedi to be force sensitive. they take him to Yarvin 4 to start his training you actually do the training like trails and how well you to the trails like how well you do your force powers how well you fight with a lightsaber is how many points you get to progresses your skills. You can fight different masters and learn their fighting style and have many fighting styles learn all kinds of force powers from your masters train when ever you want. and when it gets to the time to start your mission you build a lightsaber. you can go were ever you want on yarvin and do whatever you want and report to your training sessions when you want to contiune your game kinda like Fable. You become an apprentice and your master starts taking you on missions and again progress your skills on how well you do. you should have to tons of mission and the whole time you are doing these mission the republic is a war. the better you get the better master you get until final Luke is your Master he will test you and then put you through trails so you become a Jedi Master once a Master you join the concil and start planning mission to stop the enemy you are givein a padawan and you actually train him and when you think you are ready to fight a final battle you go to the concil and make battle plans then you and your padawan go to fight the final battle. In this game you can go anywhere you want to Corasant and get upgrades for your lightsabrer make duel lengths, get different robes when ever. the fighting in the game needs to be like the fighting in the episode 3 game it so cool and you need to be able to choose your side.

Weapons a blaster and lightsaber what ever style hilt you want chose your color
Clothes: you pick you have chocies you can have the old robes like Anakin whore in the movies pick the color of your robes and just where normal clothes have armor
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