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(You wanna resolve this... you asked for it!)

[To Party] It's thart bloody robot!

*Uses force heal and whips out sabers, hacking off the robot's arms. The robot, then at Deac's feet is hacked into sushi sized pieces by the lightsabers, and chucked into a passing garbage droid, which vapourises it.*

[to Robot] Nobody tries to kill Starkiller in just 1 post!

[To Party] Maybe we should go to kessel now.
But I'd prefer if we all went in one ship. It's safer.

Hey...we need to even this up! No offend SlasherX , if I insulted you, it was a joke! =)(Now where have I heard that before?)

(Note: if you are assimilated whilst wearing borg underwear -Deacutus 'n' Co. Borg supplies cannot be held responsible for the safety of your individuality or of any relation thereof. Pants may not repel insects or computer viruses. Borg queen's head is a rareity. For every infinite ammount of pants, there is one Borg queen head.Batterires not included!)

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