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Gus couldn't take anymore of this. He got shot twice in the shoulder and once in th eleg. he could barely breath anymore.
He stood up and screamed as loud as he could, he grabbed Kaitlyn's hand and screamed even louder.
The Imperials fell back and couldn't breath. Kaitlyn stood up.
"You're a..."
"Yeah, let's go!"
A dark jedi master jumped out of nowhere. Gus took out a green saber and a blue saber. I attacked vigurously, but alas, he was defeated. The fiend stabbed my chest and we both fell back. Gus screamed again. Partly in pain and partly in self-defense. I quickly grabbed Kaitlyn's foot. If he didn't hold onto her, she'd die too. I was too late, she stumbled over and fell. Gus stopped and the dark jedi couldn't breath. I crawled over to Kaitlyn.... and kissed her on the lips. Aside doing this because Gus was in love with her, it also transfered his remaining power to her. she slowly opened her eyes and saw what he was doing. He stopped and fell to his knees. I felt my face slam against the cold, metal floor.

( Im gonna posy in first person and third person )

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