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Jax felt Gus's remaining power disapeer. In a state of rage he jumped up. Surprised Rezillo let his guard down and was almost beheaded. Rezillo blocked the slash. Jax was painting he looked like a mad man.
"You...Gus is....I'LL KILL YOU!"
Jax stopped
a voice echoed in his head
"Jax don't give into hate"
He stood there a second too long. Rezillo slashed at Jax. His jump shuit ripped and a gash across his chest spewed blood. Jax wasn't badly injured. He stepped back
"whats the matter?" Rezillo demanded
"tired of our fight? shall i finish it off?"
Jax looked at Rezillo
"I will never fogive you" he said quietly
"I do not look for forgiveness"
Jax kicked Rezillo out of the way. he grabed his pistol and blasted at him. Rezillo reflected the blast. Jax's pistol was wrenched from his group as Rezillo used the force.
"Jax you will not get far without the force"
Jax glanced to the side. there was a red button on the wall saying "Grabage shoot" he looked at the floor. It was one huge platform. Jax guessed when the button was pushed the floor would fold in and what ever was there would fall into the garbage disposal. Jax looked up. Running along the ceiling were pipes. Jax looked at Rezillo.
"Goodbye" he said simply
He pushed the button. Before he knew what was happening Rezillo fell. Jax grabbed the pipe. He hung on for dear life. Rezillo disapeared. Jax was loosing his grip. He couldn't hold on much longer. He focused all his mind power on the button. He felt something flow through him. The button clicked and the floor slid back into place. Jax dropped down. He could still sense Rezillo but he had to find Stu and Gus. Jax ran out of the room to find his friends...


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