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Stu Ran down a corridor a turned to see Gus,Blooded and battered with a beautiful young woman..
"Gus!" Stu yelled aloud.
3 stormtroopers heard him and ran down to him.
"Damn! i got to stop doing that!"
Stu fired at the troopers, but when one died he pulled the trigger and shot stu..
AAARRRRRGGH!" Stu yelled in pain.
"My Arm! My Arm! What gun in the name of the Force could do THAT!!"
Stu looked at his left arm..his wrist and most of his forearm was blasted off,Stu also looked at the troopers was an E-11 blaster rifle-Standard issue gun for stormtroopers, but it was Customized.

Stu Applied pressure on the wound and he went and crawled over to Gus and his friend.
"Gus! are you ok?"....

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