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Jax felt a sudden pain in his chest. He stopped running. Something had happened to Stu. Jax turned, A storm trooper appeared at the end of the coridoor.
"HALT!" he yelled
Jax defelcted back some shots and then ran at the trooper. He jumped and beheaded the storm trooper. He never knew he could do that. Jax turned, Rezillo was getting closer. He ran towards the control center. The controls told him that Gus had breached some, 400 yards away from him. He ran. Rezillo was getting closer. Jax hurtled round a corner and he saw stu and Gus.
"Stu! Gus! run-" Jax yelled
too late rezillo had shut the door between the two parties. Jax turned.
"You will not escape" he said in a voive of hatred
Jax grabbed his lightsaber and ignited it.
"I'll make you pay!"
Jax and Rezillo started fighting....


Kenny looked obver the mound. In the distance he could see...
"theres....hundreds...of drop ships coming at us!"
"Ready your weapons!" cried the commander
"This is it!"
An AT-AT came out of the trees followed by 8 AT-St's.
They could hear the rev of speeders and Ships.
Kenny grimaced. He looked down the scope. He could see a dark trooper. getting ready
"FIRE!" yelled a voice
Kenny took the shot...


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