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(just to let you know Jedi-you typed 'Jax withdrew his lightsaber and ignited it.' not just to make you realise your mistake but if that is the case then Rezilo would have an advantage because jax would have his saber stuck in his Leg. lol just to let you know.)
Meanwhile back on the story line....

Stu heard footsteps coming closer and then...
"Stu! Gus! run!"
"Jax?" Stu said, then the door closed and sealed..
"Crud!" Stu said, he looked around and seen a dark jedi, dead next to gus.Stu seen his Laser-Sword.(He doesnt know its a lightsaber.) Stu picked it up and seen a Ventilation shaft across the room.He Got up in tremendous pain and ignited the sword, he cut a hole in the vent and climbed in..

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