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Jax was angrier than he could ever remember being before. He slashed at Rezillo. He knew in his anger he had no chance of winning. Jax started walking backwards. He knew he would have to try and find another way out. Rezillo must have guessed what he was doing because he sealed the other door. There was just a few metres of coridoor to fight along. This would be hard. Jax had no chance. Rezillo had years of training Jax only a few months. Jax knew he would have to think of something.
"Theres one thing i need to know"
"what is that jax?"
"I've already explaned it to you Jax!"
"No, why did you turn against the rebels...against me?"
Rezillo's face flickered.
"Even you must know of the rebel- They acused you of being a traitor when you were trying to take me down!"
Jax knew this was true but did not want to admit it.
"and why me?"
"you-No You're trying to trick me! the Rezillo you knew is gone!"
Jax was against the far door leading back to the control room, He pleaded with it to open. It did. He fell backwards but got up quickly. He backed away. His lightsaber still pointing at Rezillo.
"You have no chance of winning!"
"Maybe not....but i have to try!"
Jax started atatcking. Rezillo blocked it all. Rezillo seemed to be getting bored. He used the force to open a door. They went into the room. It was the control room. In the middle was a cirlce which lead to the core. Jax knew what he had to do. Rezillo seemed to think along the same lines. Jax slashed but rezillo dodged. He kicked out. Jax flew across the room. He slid to the railing that stopped passer by falling in if they lost balance. Rezillo focused. The railing lifted up and was dropped into the core. There was now nothing there to stop them falling in. Jax got up, he looked down. it seemed to go on for ever.
"Goodbye Jax"
Rezillo kicked him and Jax fell...


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