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Jax's mind was racing, everything was white. If this was death it wasn't so bad. But was this death? jax opened his eyes. The white light came from below....from the core. He was still alive. He was a small ledge. A very small ledge. It was amazing that he had managed to land on it. He glanced over the ledge. He could not see the bottom. He knew he must be close because the heat was over powering. He gasped for air. His lightsaber had gone, probably fallen into the core. He looked up. He could see the opening, from where he was it was the size of a postage stamp. He knew he had to get out. To the side there was a ladder but it did not go all the way to the top. Jax imagined it was there from when the ship was being built. Jax glung to the ladder which was hot. He managed to hitch him self up. The ladder groaned. He climbed as fast as he could. A part of the ladder below gave way. He could see another ledge. he clambered onto it. He rested for a bit then he continued. He continued until the ladder stopped. There was no other way out.
He got to his feet, People seemed to think he was a jedi...maybe he could jump?
He focused and jumped. Nothing happened. He did it again and still nothing happened. He stood there....he felt something...he jumped...He flew up to the opening. He stumbled and tripped forwards. His face hit the cold metal and he breathed the air. He stood up. Rezillo had gone. He had to find him, he had to find a weapon. He ran out of the room, the door was open and Rezillo had gone. Jax ran into the room where Gus had been. He had gone too. But he had left behind a lightsaber. Jax ignited it, it was green. Jax turned it off then pocketed it. He could no longer sense Stu or Gus, maybe they had run? or maybe not. Jax made his way to the bridge where he would face his old friend one last time...


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